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Do you truly understand what happens in your maintenance facility?


Have you ever wondered if everyone who should understand what happens within your rolling stock maintenance facility truly does? Are the fundamental competencies, processes and capabilities documented in an easily understandable way?

PROSE supports the operators of maintenance facilities in developing “production concepts”. These concepts serve as a comprehensive guide, ensuring that everyone—from local management and new employees to internal and external partners or upper management —has a clear understanding of the facility. 

Here’s what our production concepts entail: 

  • Facility Overview: We work out an thorough overview of the facility; connecting the dots between the floor plan, processes and organizational structure. 
  • Maintenance demystified: Our descriptions outline precisely which maintenance tasks can be performed where and how. No more guesswork and nasty surprises! 
  • Key Interfaces: We identify critical interfaces within the facility and with external stakeholders. 

We tailor the content framework to your specific facility and needs. We work hand-in-hand with your internal stakeholders to develop the concept. Their insights and expertise ensure that the production concept aligns with reality and your unique context. 

Facing New Challenges? We’ve Got Answers: If you are facing new challenges, PROSE can also answer your specific queries. For instance, we conduct feasibility and cost-effectiveness studies when you’re introducing new fleets or tasks. Simply reach out to us with your request and let us optimise your maintenance operations together! 

Not yet convinced? Explore our references: 

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