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Harmonization of modular freight wagon concepts

Customer: BASF/WASCOSA (Germany), DB Cargo/VTG (Germany), RCA (Austria), SBB Cargo (Switzerland)

Project tasks

1st phase:

  • Neutral collection, analysis and evaluation
  • Comparison and evaluation

2nd phase:

  • Creation of a common experimental description

3rd phase:

  • Evaluation of the safety techniques
  • Recommendation for a future standard

4th phase:

  • Cluster development
  • Force application point

Our Approach

The technical innovation group for rail freight (TIS) sees the modular design of carrying wagons in conjunction with innovative container concepts as an approach to solving the problem outlined. Innovative container solutions are also becoming increasingly popular for bulk goods.

Customer benefit

The securing techniques developed in the various concepts of modular construction and container concepts were evaluated with regard to their effect on the forces and accelerations measured in the sequence tests. Furthermore, a recommendation for a possible future standard for a securing system, possibly for different classes of accelerations and forces, was developed. PROSE developed different clusters for the classification of transport goods/containers.


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