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Fleet strategy in line with rollout ETCS L2

Customer: Furrer+Frey AG, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Evaluation of the remaining lifespan of current assets
  • Development of a short and long-term fleet strategy in line with the rollout of ETCS Level 2 on the Swiss network
  • Advisory on future modernisation and procurement investments

Our approach

Based on the latest version of the ERTMS national implementation plans relevant to the area of use existing and upcoming limitations for non-ETCS equipped vehicles were identified. A potential area of use for existing and tendered vehicles was evaluated, as well as related efforts and risks involved in a ETCS re-fitment. The ETCS strategy per fleet was defined by balancing opportunities versus limitations, both on technical and commercial aspects.

Customer benefit

The customer received a clearly defined strategy for short-term needs and long-term investments up to a time frame of 30 years. The strategy covers existing, as well as rolling stock replacements and new procurements.

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