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Feasibility study on driverless train operation (DTO)

Customer: BLT Transport AG, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Overall observation of the market
  • Detailed description of the planned infrastructure
  • Analysis of standards, technology and safety
  • Conclusion of asset of proposed measures of realisation – in coordination with FOT

Our Approach

During the first phase, a market overview was carried out together with a detailed description of the planned infrastructure – which ensured the achievement of the range required. The next step was creating the additional depth required by using standard technology and safety analyses. After consolidation, various variants were developed and evaluated during the feasibility phase. In coordination with the Federal Office of Transport (FOT), the best variant was selected and subsequently specified by proposed implementation measures

Customer benefit

Thanks to PROSE’s structured approach, BLT received a well-founded result based on a diversified analysis. During the realisation of the project, BLT already received an overview of the current state of the art autonomous transport systems and of present projects. In the end PROSE developed a coordinated proposal for a step by step introduction of autonomous operation, as well as further steps required for implementation, which were coordinated with the FOT.

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