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Troubleshooting, Vehicle Authorisation
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Expert opinion on fire safety for dual-purpose space – air box / shunter’s compartment

Customer: ZAUGG AG EGGIWIL, Switzerland

End customer: Trafikverket, Sweden

Project tasks

  • Standards research
  • Situation assessment from the user’s point of view
  • Preparation of an expert opinion

Our Approach

PROSE’s specialists prepare an expert opinion describing under which conditions the ZRR10000M snow cutter locomotive can be driven in reverse in working mode with the air box occupied. This opinion has been prepared to be submitted to the concerned Swedish authorities. The expert opinion is based on a simple FMEA on the subject of reversing with occupied the air-calming-room. Each case was considered, evaluated and, if necessary, operational or technical measures were defined.

Customer benefit

Since the view of this opinion was shared by the end customer and the licensing authority, ZAUGG has the legal certainty to offer the occupation of the air-calming-room and also knows the conditions for this.


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