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Digitalisation Maintenance Instructions

Customer: SBB Historic, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Research: Review of the old maintenance regulations for each vehicle
  • Expert interviews: Ensuring the transfer of expertise to supplement/correct the old maintenance regulations
  • Documentation: Creation of maintenance plans for each vehicle
  • Release: Incorporation of customer feedback and internal release of the maintenance plan

Our Approach

PROSE supports the client in creating maintenance plans for the first 14 traction units and 3-4 coach fleets. These can only be partially derived from old regulations and thus completed and adapted accordingly and transferred to a digitalised maintenance concept. A significant proportion of the maintenance work is carried out voluntarily by associations. This particular situation must be taken into account in the concept development. PROSE also provides relevant support for introducing the ZEDAS maintenance software on the customer side.

Customer benefit

The client receives a digitalised, standardised and consistent maintenance plan landscape for the vehicles to ensure the safe, standard-compliant and efficient planning and implementation of maintenance measures using in-house, association and external services.

The logic and conceptual design of the maintenance plans, regardless of whether they relate to steam locomotives, electric locomotives or multiple units, will be aligned accordingly, thus creating content, processes and documentation specifications that are much easier to understand and can also be communicated to volunteer maintenance staff to ensure safe rail operations.

The implementation already considers European standards for safe maintenance and their functional allocation in the organisational development. This will ensure a gradual expansion of the client’s maintenance services towards a modern, digital maintenance organisation.


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