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Vehicle Authorisation
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Assessment of the safety against derailment of a historic fleet running on “bicycle safe” track

Customer: Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe (BVB), Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Recording of vehicle data of the historical fleet
  • Clustering of the vehicles
  • Measurement of the “velogleis” system on site
  • Evaluation of the relevant parameters and classification regarding the applicability

Our Approach

By means of an objective computational method, PROSE evaluates the usability of the vehicles. The investigation of the derailment safety of the historical vehicles is performed regarding the track-related system parameters at the according location. Since such vehicle-technical data are only available to a limited extent for historic vehicles, the running gear design of the vehicles is additionally examined on site in the maintenance pit. For the evaluation regarding the usability, the wheel contact force is analyzed among other topics and the vehicle groups are evaluated according to their use (yes, no, under certain conditions) and documented in a report.

Customer benefit

PROSE’s expertise provides the customer with a statement about the usability of their historic vehicles over the installed track system “velogleis”.

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