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Webinar: AI and Machine Learning in Railways


Are you curious about the cutting-edge applications of Artificial Intelligence in the railway industry? Eager to discover how AI can revolutionize the way we address noise reduction and wear in trams? If so, sign up to the Swedtrain webinar tomorrow and hear the PROSE employee Felix speak about “Self-optimizing Rail Head Lubrication” 

He will take you into the fascinating world of AI and its transformative role in the rail vehicle sector. During the session, you’ll have the opportunity to hear about: 

  • Noise Reduction 
  • Wear Prevention 
  • Intelligent Rail Head Conditioning 

Register here: 

Join us as we embark on a journey into the future of railways powered by Artificial Intelligence. Together, we’ll explore innovative solutions that promise to shape the industry for years to come! 

We can support you in finding the solutions for your project and challenges: reach out to find out more.


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