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Engineering support for the refurbishment of VT 18.16


It is not always the absolute high-end solutions that PROSE develops!

We are proud that, at the request of our customer SVT Görlitz, we can make a contribution to ensure that the historic VT 18.16 multiple unit train will soon be able to travel again with passengers on special occasions.

The VT 18.16 were high-quality diesel multiple units for the time, equipped with two 900 HP engines and approved for speeds of up to 160 km/h. They were built by the Deutsche Reichsbahn. They were procured by the Deutsche Reichsbahn from VEB Waggonbau Görlitz from 1963 onwards and were intended in particular for international use. Great importance was attached to the equipment and condition, and the catering in the train was much better than in other DR trains.

As part of the modernisation, SVT Görlitz has commissioned us to reconstruct the floor of the vehicle so that, depending on the event and necessity, passenger seating, buffet tables or cinema seating can be installed very quickly and flexibly.


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