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PROSE’s expert evaluation of rail vehicle carbodies


PROSE recently partnered with a leading European rail vehicle manufacturer to evaluate the aluminium carbody structures of multiple-unit trains. This project highlighted our commitment to ensuring safety and efficiency in rail transport through detailed engineering assessments.

The project focus was:

  • Comprehensive Review: We assessed everything from the design philosophy to the validation plans for carbody structures.
  • Special Attention: Welding integrity and crashworthiness were key focus areas, ensuring the carbody’s durability and safety.
  • Adaptation to Local Conditions: We meticulously analyzed load scenarios specific to the end customer’s operational environment, going beyond standard requirements.

Our expert evaluation helps reduce design risks, offering our client and their customers confidence in the carbody’s performance and compliance. With PROSE’s independent review, stakeholders have an additional layer of quality assurance to rely on.

We’re excited to contribute to setting new standards in rail vehicle design, reinforcing safety, and innovation across the industry. Click on the link to find out more about the project:


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