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Optimizing Rail Maintenance: PROSE’s Strategic Upgrade for Vevey Depot


PROSE is proud to spearhead the enhancement of the Vevey depot, focusing on expanding its capacity for heavy maintenance tasks. Our recent project with MOB aimed to optimize the maintenance operations for the Vevey—Les Pléiades line, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs. 

What has PROSE done as part of this project?  

  • Current Infrastructure Analysis: We thoroughly documented and evaluated the existing maintenance facilities at Vevey. 
  • Strategic Planning: Developed potential infrastructure upgrades to enable comprehensive maintenance services on-site. 
  • Customized Solutions: Produced several tailored variants to address both current and future needs of the rail line. 

Our efforts provided MOB with actionable insights and detailed plans, ensuring Vevey’s depot could handle more extensive maintenance responsibilities effectively. The strategic enhancements we proposed are set to significantly improve maintenance logistics and reduce the need for vehicle transfers, fostering greater operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

We’re excited to see how our innovative approach will drive forward the capabilities of the Vevey depot! Click on the link  for more information:

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