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Seamless integration of new equipment in your workshop with mixed reality


New maintenance equipment? New rolling stock? New tasks? Does the new fit into your existing workshop? PROSE can make sure that everything fits together in your maintenance workshop! 

Workshops have often developed over time and have fixed, moving and mobile structures. It is almost impossible to capture this complexity in a 3D CAD model. It is therefore difficult to check whether new fleets, tools, platforms, etc. fit into the existing workshop.  

PROSE uses the HoloLens 2, a mixed reality headset, to check directly in the workshop whether new (not yet existing) elements match the elements already installed. These are the advantages:  

  • Simple verification without building a prototype
  • Risk reduction when introducing new fleets, key points can be analysed before the vehicle is built. This enables optimum preparation of the workshop
  • Optimisation of custom-made equipment in the existing workshop before the design process is completed  
  • 1:1 reality check on site with the staff to check whether the new equipment fulfil the requirements for fast and efficient maintenance 

Can we support you with our expertise in rolling stock maintenance and mixed reality? Get in touch with us:


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