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We are shaping tomorrows luxury train travel!


As a partner of Arlington Fleet France (AFF), we are supporting with the developments in the “Le Grand Tour” luxury cruise train project in France.

Project Overview:

LeGrandTour aims to redefine opulence in rail travel, offering a one-week immersive journey through the picturesque landscapes of France. This Belle Époque train is taking shape thanks to the expertise of our partner AFF. It features 11 meticulously renovated coaches, with spacious and well-equipped cabins, and spectacular bar and restaurant cars.

Refurbishment Excellence:

The works carried out by AFF combines the introduction of innovative systems with the respect of the train’s original maintenance plan, in order to ensure a safe and seamless travel experience.

PROSE’s Role:

In the first phase, we formalized the data from the train’s previous operations, which were crucial to the creation of the new maintenance plan. In a second phase, we are redacting the maintenance plan and the maintenance documentation file, ensuring compliance with homologation requirements on the French network.

Collaborative Success:

Collaboration is key, and our partnership with AFF demonstrates this principle. Together, we weave a tale of luxury, reliability and excellence in rail travel.

Connect with PROSE:

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