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Values – finns massa ikoner och bilder

Ingenuity … to challenge and go beyond

We love a challenge – and to challenge status quo. We are proud of our ability to think and work differently. It motivates us as individuals and as a team. Analysis that reveals the right solution is our trademark. Whether we’re optimising a familiar task or doing something no one has ever done before. Our culture encourages each of us to be inventive, resourceful, and efficient. Working together, thinking ahead, and seeing the bigger picture enable us to deliver on our customers vision with actual solutions. It also makes our jobs more interesting and helps us attract the right talents to bring mobility forward.

Commitment … to drive solutions forward

We are dedicated to honouring our commitments and fulfilling our promises. And we believe that commitment furthers trust and creates a shared atmosphere of purpose, energy and can-do.

Openness … to build strong relations

Our mindset is inclusive, open, and proactive. We welcome opinions and value constructive criticism. We do not shy away from difficult discussions or decisions but enter them with open minds.

Empowerment … to be agile

We play to each other’s strengths and competences. Our flat organisation enables our teams to make fast decisions, and we respond quickly and decisively to difficulties and opportunities – all in the interest of bringing the projects forward in the best way possible.

Respect … to guide our actions

Mutual respect is a cornerstone of all our relationships – internally and externally. We respect the input of others and the right to differing opinions. Constructive discussions are welcome – and decision once made are respected. We demonstrate respect for the environment, for society, and for cultural and ethical issues in all we do.

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