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Safety is a top priority!


In the world of railways, safety is non-negotiable. At PROSE, we specialise in safety analysis and risk evaluation, according to recognized European standards – with the aim to always be prepared to support you!

Whether you’re running refurbishment projects or new developments, we’ve got your safety concerns covered throughout the entire project. Our expertise spans from concept to implementation, ensuring a comprehensive safety analysis. We navigate the entire v-lifecycle, offering support for safety-related activities at every stage.

Multiple units, trains, metros, locomotives or special vehicles, we excel in ensuring safety across diverse systems. We use techniques like FMEA or FTA, documenting the entire process for vehicle authorisation.

We follow European Directive CSM-RA (EU) 402/2013 and CENELEC standards EN 50126, EN 50128, and EN 50657 for our European customers. Our refined processes extend globally, ensuring efficient Requirements Capture according to European Directive (EU) 2016/797. Beyond Europe, we’re equally dedicated to contributing our expertise to projects worldwide. Your projects, wherever they are, are our priority.

Do you want to make safety a top priority in your project? Contact us for expert consultancy:


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