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PROSE inside series: Bogie Repair


Here comes the second use case of the PROSE inside series within our service engineering capabilities: Bogie Repair

Availability, reliability and safety of rail vehicles are impacted by damage on bogies and vehicle structures. A common reason are fatigue cracks after a certain time in service. Fatigue damage requires an understanding of the load spectra acting, as well as an analysis of the existing design by means of FEM and special fatigue assessment tools.

Collisions with obstacles, accidents and corrosion can also lead to damage which requires individual repair solutions. Appropriate repair solutions need to be developed. Effects on the manufacturing implementation are important to be considered. PROSE has long been supporting rail operators in repairing damage on bogies and vehicle structures. Suitable solutions were developed for many vehicles.   

Armin Burth says: “Engineering of repair solutions help to keep availability and reliability on a high level.”

Let us know if you need an FEM analysis of an existing design and are interested in developing repair solutions.

Get inspired by  or contact Armin Burth ( directly.

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