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New article in TECHreport


Check out the new article featured in the latest TECHreport. PROSE collaborates with Bernmobil and LeanBI in pioneering intelligent railhead conditioning systems. PROSE-employee Felix Saur contributed to the article, delving into this groundbreaking project funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (BAV) from 2023 to mid-2025.

This project aims to optimise railhead conditioning using sensors and AI to minimise wear and tear, reduce noise emissions and protect the environment through the precise dosing of conditioning agents. The combination of technology and AI interprets data to recognise when and where railhead conditioning is required on the Bernmobil network so that vehicles equipped with mobile conditioning units can act quickly when these areas are reached.

This decentralised approach, which processes massive amounts of data with AI, ensures fast, precise measures for efficient rail maintenance.

Click on the link and read the article on pages 18 and 19 (only in German): ACstyria_TECHreport 23_MaaS_V2 


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