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Let’s take a walk down memory lane…


…to the early days and historical projects.

There are a lot of success stories during the 40 years of PROSE history. For the next weeks, we will highlight a selection of them.

But first, the person that is the reason PROSE was founded: our very own Bernhard Huber

40 years ago, he started the Swiss branch of today’s PROSE, with two employees, now grown into 9 sites in 6 countries. Described in his own words:

“I started with a 5-years planning and analysis of the potential problems. From the very beginning the Engineering and Consulting were the cash bringers of the company. My heart did beat for the railways (and especially for the rolling stock). I am happy and grateful to see, that the company is strong and proud today and ready “to shape tomorrow’s mobility”.

And we are truly grateful for the entrepreneurship and hard work to help bring PROSE to where it is today. It is really cool that Bernie is still committed to and engaged in PROSE!

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