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Mechanical vehicle & systems engineering, Modernisation, Vehicle Authorisation
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Gauging and rolling stock construction gauge analysis

Project tasks

  • Rolling stock construction gauge according to EN 15273-2 and UIC 505-1
  • Gauging analysis according to BOStrab
  • Consideration of national requirements (e.g. AB-EBV in Switzerland, EBO in Germany etc.)
  • Simulation of multi articulated vehicles (e.g. trams)

Our Approach

PROSE pursues different approaches for the implementation of clearance analyses or restriction calculations depending on the task:

  • Calculation of static, kinematic or dynamic construction gauge for main line vehicles according to UIC 505 or EN 15273
  • Running of kinematic construction gauge calculations for narrow gauge vehicles according to AB-EBV
  • Implementation of clearance investigations for trams and light rail vehicles or underground trains according to BOStrab

Customer benefit

PROSE has experts with long term expertise in track guidance and vehicle dynamics. With our tools and software, we can consider any vehicle concept, routing and rules for the investigations.

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